Research, development and prototyping.

We support and work with Ubuntu LTS desktop, You can ask us to install , service , innovate , create and support your computer infrastructure as well as the software you can use from the open source solutions that are on the market right now.

We work from an demand basis, and adapt our strategy to be able to give you the best and less costly solution possible, you can get in touch with us on the contact page.

Beside the work for 101Labs we are investigating in new way’s of using technology to involve people to work together , co-create and find solutions to the big challenges of our time, for our planet and for our common future.

We are testing setups on the ubuntu desktop, solutions with raspberry pi, microbit and arduino experiments, wordpress installs and lots of other prototypes.

We are open to think and work with all who are interested in or are working for the principles that will create the much needed change in the world today. For a Just Society, for Equality, Education open for all and the co-operation of Spirituality and Science.

We have done open source projects and worked with diverse players in that field, cooperated with and for open source related events. Worked with Ulab MIT project to understand the issue`s of current society better. Studied the Cooper-Hewitt’s design thinking method for building and co-creating hands on projects. And drawing inspiration from the Bahá’í International Community and their vision for a world in unity.

At LOCHAL we are running a PopUp-Lab


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